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“I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that KetaMed Infusion Center, not only made me feel better, but it saved my life! 


A chain of horrible events happened in my life in the last few years. I lost my Mother to Covid, I was involved in a divorce, and for the first time in my adult life, I lost my job of 11 years. These events not only affected me financially but they affected me mentally and physically. I found myself sleeping past noon, and grabbing the bottle to hide my feelings.   Prior to this I never understood the effects of depression and use to laugh at people thinking they were weak. I use to tell people to suck it up and move on. I rapidly began putting on weight and began ordering take-out on a daily basis, while watching the news on a 24-hour loop. I was in denial of my depression. I had support from my family and my best friend from high school. My friend let me know that he noticed I was gaining weight and needed a haircut/shower. (True friend). I was in denial of my mental status and I began having thoughts of hurting myself or even leaving this earth. Being alone, jobless, and wasting my life savings just took its toll on me. I was fed up and desperate. I finally spoke with my Family Physician and was prescribed medication to help me. The medicine numbed my feelings and dulled my day until the relief of sleep that evening. 


 Last October my friend and his wife invited me to dinner. Begrudgingly I made my way on a Friday night to a crowded restaurant. I found myself hating being around people and was embarrassed by my appearance. This was the first time I stepped foot out of my home in months. While having dinner my friend let me know that he was worried about me and how I was plummeting into obscurity. I admitted my situation was bad but did not want to be lectured to, "get better".  Surprisingly my friend's wife caught me off guard. She made me aware of the KetaMed Infusion Center. I never heard of this treatment and honestly thought it sounded crazy. I was confused by what I heard but I trusted my friend's wife who is a nurse. She said her sister had issues with anxiety and depression and recently had "treatments" with positive results.  


I went home that evening and began researching this treatment. I was surprised by what I was reading and the testimonials given by people. I actually watched a comedian, Neal Brennan on a podcast talk about how Ketamine treatments helped save his life. I had a choice, try something out of my comfort zone or die, or in my case feel dead. 


I contacted the KetaMed Infusion Center and was given treatment options. After one week of my own investigation, I finally took the initiative to try something out of my comfort zone and seek the help I needed. I found the staff incredibly helpful, professional, and most of all Scientific with my treatment. I was analyzed, weighed, and interviewed. I was also given treatment options outside of the Ketamine treatments to help me.  I began treatment in November of last year and will not go into details about the effects of the treatments because I hold these moments as sacred and personal. The most comforting thing about my treatment was knowing that the staff was analyzing me however the experience was private and my own. I am writing this story now because I am here now. In October I no longer wanted to be here. It is now June of 2023. I now smile, I am sober, I work out, I visit my friends and family and I finally have a job. I have bad days and I have good days. I can now accept my past by what I learned about myself. The KetaMed Infusion Center helped me with this Journey and now I have accepted my life and I look forward to the future.”



Michael Chestnut.